At Select School Travel we are committed to conducting our business in a socially responsible and ethical manner, recognising our responsibility to minimise the environmental impact of our activities.


Environmental Responsibility

– We will minimise our carbon footprint and strive to reduce energy consumption and waste generation

– We will promote and utilise eco-friendly transportation options where feasible such as public transport and car pooling

– We will encourage our staff and those who book with us to adopt sustainable practices, including ensuring there are appropriate recycling, and where possible or appropriate, composting, facilities at our properties to lessen the burden of waste sent to landfill

– We shall encourage the use of email for all documentation sent to our clients, limiting the amount of printing where possible, including using programmes such as E-Sign to enable us to sign documents via email

– We actively work with, and prioritise, those suppliers who demonstrate they are 100% sustainable

Conservation and Biodiversity

– We will endeavour to educate our clients about the importance of preserving natural habitats and respecting wildlife

– We will actively encourage responsible behaviour to minimise negative impacts on local ecosystems

Community Engagement

– We shall actively engage with our local communities, seeking where at all possible to benefit them economically and socially through our operations

– We will collaborate with local businesses and service providers both in the UK and overseas to ensure all our operations contribute positively to the local economy where at all possible

Educational Sustainability

– We will actively encourage learning experiences that foster an understanding of sustainability and inspire responsible behaviour

Continuous Improvement

– We will regularly review and update our sustainability practices, continuously seeking ways to improve and integrate new sustainable technologies and initiatives


By implementing this sustainability policy, we aim to ensure our activities never negatively impact those communities or businesses with whom we work.