Our Values and Promise

We, the team at Select School Travel, have agreed that our core values are…

Simplicity - We provide a core range of tried and trusted tours that deliver excellent experiences for students, with minimal stress for you.

Consistency – We are committed to providing the personal touch and also aim for consistency in our approach ensuring the number of people you deal with will be kept to the minimum.

Support - We understand that your time is precious, therefore we endeavour to provide you with that little bit extra support in all areas.

Clarity - We tell you what you need to know, when you need to know it, in a clear, honest and straightforward way.

This is what it means to our customers…

The Select Promise

  1. Prompt response to queries - We will always respond to your request within one working day, and provide regular updates (to an agreed schedule) on anything outstanding.
  2. Consistency of contact – You will only deal with one Tour Co-ordinator throughout your booking*.
  3. Extra Support – Our Learning Outcomes ‘Select Extras’ give you additional suggestions to help you make the most pre-tour, on tour and post-tour. Also see ‘Select Says’ on our excursion information for a few useful extra details that we think will be of interest.

*- Except for areas beyond our control such as staff leaving, maternity or if you request a change. Tour Co-Ordinators are be allocated in September.

We firmly believe that “the difference is experience”. For a new direction in Educational Travel, contact the team at Select today.